Why submit to online directories?

Two reasons; traffic, and SEO.

Traffic. When you create a listing on a directory, it increases your exposure to people looking for what it is you sell or do, because people who won’t find you in any other way might find you through that directory. More traffic to your website, or calling your phone number, or emailing you, means more leads, more sales, more customers, more clients, or what have you. Simple enough, right?

SEO. What is SEO? We answer that somewhere else. Once you know what SEO is and know a little bit about it, you’ll understand that the more links you have pointing to your website, the better your website is going to rank in search engines like Google. The logic is simple–the more websites that link to your website, the more important it must be. Google also uses data from the websites that link to your website to determine what it is your website is all about. This is actually a highly simplified view of the power of links that point to your website, but it’ll do for now, especially if you’re new to SEO. There are also links that can hurt your website, but we won’t go into that here because of course at DeclareMedia we’re striving to make sure the links you get from our directories only have positive effects.

How does DeclareMedia fit in? You get both traffic and SEO benefits from our directories. You get traffic from being listed on one or more of our directories, and you get even more traffic if you buy one of our featured listings. And since every listing, free or paid, includes a link to your website, you get some SEO benefit as well. And because our websites generally focus on local markets, and are highly targeted towards certain types of businesses, it’s a more valuable link than one on a general directory. But even if you don’t get what SEO is all about, getting a listing is worth it just for the traffic alone.

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    SEO benefits will increase as the page authority increases also. This means as time goes on, you get more juice. :)

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    Although, there is not the full potential of SEO as the link on the main page (the globe representing the link) is a nofollow, and the link text to your website is View Website, but should be at the least, the title of the Company or Website.

  • Joshua

    We made the homepage links nofollow because we’re trying to follow Google’s guidelines for not selling text links. It may be overkill, and perhaps we’ll switch to make those followed links in the future, but for now we’re being cautious.

    Likewise with the “view website” link. We’re trying to curb abuse of the system. We may change that in the future as well.

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    Google suggest nofollows on advertisements which is overkill suggesting paid placement is the same. Directories are different, as one would expect your listing to be there rather paid or not paid. Google is also not able to tell rather a listing is paid for or not.

    Interesting on how someone could abuse a directory. Either you list in it or not. It is a flollowed link so there is juice being sent, just with very poor anchor text. Changing the anchor text to the company name is a COMMON practice among directories. Not great for SEO, but fair as this does keep people from abusing keywords.

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    We have generated traffic from all sorts of online directories and like this article states I believe it helps with seo.

  • http://www.heatingandairin.com Bob

    I’ve owned and operated Town and Country Sheet Metal in Rogers AR for several years. You used to put an ad in every phone book you could so people would find you when they needed you. So now everything has gone digital and the search engines have a problem if you are listed in directory that is not highly ranked? I spent alot of years putting an ad in the big books and the little books too and they both worked. Maybe the search engines need to rethink how they are doing things.