New Directory Announcements

If we’ve got new directories launching, we’ll announce them here and tell you about them. However, for the most up-to-date list of directories, go here to find a directory.

  1. Washington DC Public Relations

    We just added four new directories for public relations firms, specifically in the Washington DC area. Each of them target a specific keyword related to public relations or PR in DC. If you own or work at a PR firm … Continue reading

  2. 69 Internet Marketing Directories

    Until tonight our Internet marketing directories page was looking a bit sparse, with just one directory in there for Utah Internet marketing firms. Now there are 69, including all the 50 states as well as a handful of major US … Continue reading

  3. 127 New Self Storage Directories

    In case there weren’t already enough self-storage directories out there, we’ve just added 127 more of them. We’ve now got self storage directories for smaller metros like Anaheim, California, Athens, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado. Of course, even with 329 total … Continue reading

  4. Canadian Self Storage Directories

    Alberta Self Storage BC Self Storage British Columbia Self Storage Calgary Self Storage Edmonton Self Storage Hamilton Self Storage Montreal Self Storage Ontario Self Storage Ottawa Self Storage Quebec Self Storage Toronto Self Storage Vancouver Self Storage Winnipeg Self Storage … Continue reading

  5. New Jersey Dry Cleaning

    New Directory: Yes, it’s New Jersey Day today here at DeclareMedia. For our last new directory announcement of the day, it’s for those of you who own dry cleaners in the Garden State. Or those of you in New … Continue reading

  6. New Jersey Appliance Repair

    New Directory: Live in New Jersey? Fridge giving you problems? Then get on over to our directory of appliance repairmen in New Jersey and find yourself someone who can fix that fridge. Not in New Jersey? Then check out … Continue reading

  7. Oregon Hotels

    New Directory: By popular demand, we’ve added a slew of hotel directories to the list, including our new directory of hotels in Oregon. Got a hotel in Oregon? Then get on over to our new directory and get yourself … Continue reading

  8. Florida Nursing Homes

    New Directory: When I was a kid my mom took me and my friends to sing in nursing homes. I grew up visiting relatives in nursing homes. My grandmother passed away in a nursing home this year. And my … Continue reading

  9. Florida Hospice

    New Directory: If you’re like me, you didn’t even really know what the word “hospice” meant. I mean, I knew it had something to do with caring for older folks, but that’s about it. Here’s an official definition of … Continue reading

  10. New York Home Health

    New Directory: If you’ve ever had a loved one whom you didn’t want to put in an nursing home, but whom you couldn’t take care of yourself, then you know the value of home health services. And if you … Continue reading