What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization”, but of course merely knowing that doesn’t help you much. Simply put, you know how when you do a search on Google you get a search results page with 10 results on it, plus some advertising on the right side and maybe on the top such as shown in the image below?

The first three links at the top and all the links on the right-hand side are paid advertisements that you can buy through Google Adwords. Those ads are great, but have nothing to do with SEO. SEO is focused on the other search results, called “organic” or “natural” search results that are underneath and to the left of the advertising. These search results can’t be bought, and it’s where most of the traffic from a search engine goes (roughly 70%). If you can get your website to rank at the top of the first page of search results for a search term that is highly relevant to what you do, then it can literally transform your business.

For example, there are about 1,000 searches each month for the keyword phrase “arizona financial planner”. If you’re a financial planner in Arizona, how might it change your business if you had the top spot whenever someone searched for what you do on Google? How would 500-700 additional highly-interested visitors to your website impact your bottom line?

So how does one get those top rankings? SEO. SEO = all the activities necessary to get top rankings in the search engines for the keywords you’re interested in. And what are these “activities”, you ask? They can be divided into two groups; on-page and off-page.

On-page SEO means making changes to your website like having good title tags, a search-engine friendly site structure, a good URL, and especially good and well-written content.

Off-page SEO effectively means getting other relevant websites to link to your website. You see, Google figures if you have a lot of websites focused on financial planning that link to your website, then your website must also have something to do with financial planning. And if you’re a financial planner in Arizona, you would also want to get links from many other websites that are also focused on Arizona. By getting a lot of links to your website from other websites about financial planning, Arizona, or both, your website will start ranking higher every time someone searches for “financial planning in arizona”.

Where does DeclareMedia fit into all of this? We help you in two ways. First, we assist you with your off-page SEO in that we publish directories that are highly relevant. If you’re a financial planner in Arizona, we’ve got a directory for that. Because our directory is focused on financial planners in Arizona, you’ll benefit by creating a listing on our directory. Second, because our directory ranks very well in the search engines, you’ll also get traffic (and leads) from our directory, especially if you purchase a featured listing on the homepage of the directory. But even if you don’t buy a paid listing on one of our directories, you can still get a free listing with a link back to your website, and getting that should be a no-brainer.