1. How do you decide what directories to launch?

    Our criteria is pretty simple, we look into the future, see which directories will work, and launch those. Pity it ain’t so, but we misplaced our crystal ball and so we’re back to guesswork. Here’s the criteria we use to … Continue reading

  2. Why don’t you have the directory I want?

    You’ve looked through the complete list of directories and you’re thinking “Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff there, but nothing for my business. What’s up with that?” There might be multiple reasons: 1. We might already have a domain ready … Continue reading

  3. If someone already has the top featured listing, why should I pay for second place?

    Good question. To review, each directory has 10 featured listings on the homepage. Whoever buys first, gets the top spot until they allow their listing to expire. If you want that top spot, why not just wait until it’s available? … Continue reading

  4. Why should I get a featured listing now? Why not wait until your directory is ranking well?

    The short answer is this–each directory has 10 featured listings on the homepage. Whoever signs up first gets the top listing, and they’ll retain that top listing until their discontinue their featured listing, at which point whoever is in the … Continue reading

  5. How are your directories different than the millions of others out there?

    1. They’re easier to use, both for you if you’re creating a listing, and for those who are looking for what you do. 2. They’re not cluttered with tons of ads that make it hard to differentiate between listings and … Continue reading

  6. Why are your directories so boring?

    You might think our directories aren’t the height of web fashion, but that’s ok. It’s on purpose. Part of our goal was to make our directories different than others out there. And what did we see out there? Poorly designed, … Continue reading

  7. Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Yes. If you want to create featured listings on more than 50 directories, please contact us and we will give you the details.

  8. Can I use one username and password for multiple directories?

    Each directory is completely separate from every other directory, so no, you cannot create an account on one directory and then login to another directory with that same username and password. Of course you can set up multiple accounts on … Continue reading

  9. Do you have an affiliate program?

    Not yet. We recognize that for SEO professionals and other marketing consultants who may refer their clients to use our directories, there will be interest in being able to sign up as an affiliate so as to get some financial … Continue reading

  10. How do featured listings work?

    On metro or state directories there are 10 featured listings available, per directory. These all show up on the homepage, but you also show up at the top of the listings on your specific city page. Featured listings also can … Continue reading