How much traffic are these directories getting?

I guess if we’re going to say that one of the prime reasons to get a listing on one our directories is the traffic that you’ll get as a result, then you might be interested in how much traffic is going to these directories…but we’re still working that out. We’ve got Google Analytics running on just about every directory, but with 2,712 directories as of this post, you know I’m not going to spend the time adding it all up.

We recently implemented our own analytics so that we can track within our admin system, but it was only recently implemented, and some tweaks have been made lately. So far this month, it says we’re at 8,022 unique visitors. That’s for all the directories. Meaning we’re probably on track for around 12,000-13,000 total by the end of the month.

Now, that’s not a ton of traffic (I have little-read blogs that get more visitors than that in a month) but there are a few things to remember:

1. We just launched the first directory on August 3rd. In other words, not a single one of these directories has been live for even 3 months, and most of them have been live for just a few weeks. Give it a little time.

2. How many visitors does it take to make it worth getting a free listing?

3. How many visitors does it take to make it worth getting a paid listing? We’re all sold out on featured listings for The site is only going to have only around 800-900 visitors this month, but guess what? That’s enough for a number of companies to land new work. How many jobs/clients/customers/sales does it take to make it worth $20/month?

4. The amount of traffic is accelerating. I’ll update this post with a comment towards the end of November, when we’ll have a real basis for comparison. I won’t be surprised if we get 3-4 times the traffic in November as we do this month.

  • Joshua

    Ok, turns out we’re getting tons more traffic than we were two months ago. We’re on track to get around 100,000 visits to our 3,049 directories this month.