How can I get the most out of my directory listing?

When creating a listing on one of our directories, there are two things to be focused on; 1) search engine optimization (SEO), and 2) traffic (i.e. clicks through to your website, people calling your phone number listed on our directory, etc.). Generally, these two objectives overlap quite a bit, and if you don’t know anything about SEO, then just worry about #2 and you’ll probably get the SEO part right. But here are some simple tips that will help with both.

1. Include a decent amount of content. Two sentences is not enough. Two paragraphs may be. Somewhere between a half page and full page of content is probably ideal. First, you want to give people a real reason to click through to your website or call you, and two sentences aren’t going to do a great job of that. On the other hand, you don’t want to make it so long that it’s overwhelming.

2. Break up your content. Have sections of content. Have a paragraph about you or your company (i.e. who you are), another about your services (i.e. what you do), perhaps another about how you do it, and another about who you do it for.

3. List your services. That is, create a bullet list of what you do. Yeah, I know, the directories don’t allow real bullet lists, so just use a space-hyphen-space to create them. Bullet lists stand out, force you to use shorter, more descriptive phrases, and thus are more readable for visitors and more effectively communicate what you do.

4. Offer a promotion. 20% off, one free month, free trial, free consultation, free iPad if a client signs up, etc. Give people a reason to prefer your service over that of a competitor’s if they can’t find much else that looks different.

Got any other ideas? Let loose.