Can I list my company in more than one directory?

Q: Can I list my company in more than one directory?

A: Absolutely!

Not only can you, but you should. Each directory is optimized for a different keyword. If you list your business on one directory, then your website is getting help for that keyword (as well as a smattering of others, but principally one keyword). If there is another directory that your business could be listed on, then getting a listing there will also help you rank better for that keyword.

For Example…

Let’s say you’re an accountant in New York. So it makes sense for you to look at the list of accountant directories and list yourself in the New York Accountants directory. You would also want to make sure you don’t miss listing yourself on the national directory of accountants. But in addition to being an accountant, could you call your business an “accounting firm”? Because we have a list of directories for accounting firms as well, with a New York Accounting Firms directory on it. If you list in both places, then your website’s rankings for “new york accountant” as well as “new york accounting firm” are going to improve.

But in addition to being an accountant, do you render any sort of financial advising or financial planning services? Because we also have directories for financial advisors as well as for financial planners. By getting a listing on those directories you will improve your rankings for those terms as well.

In other words, if you’re an accountant in New York, there are at least five directories you could potentially be listed on.