Can I submit in bulk to many directories at once?

Q: Can I submit in bulk to many directories at once?

A: Yes* – Send an email to for details.

*If you’ve wondered why you have to set up a separate account for every directory, rather than being able to set up one account to manage your listings on all your directories, this was done on purpose after a fair amount of consideration.

First, most people only want to create a listing on 1-3 directories, and so adding the ability to use one account for all the directories would aid the minority while possibly confusing the vast majority. This is the primary reason we did things the way we did.

Second, we didn’t want to make it easy to spam the directories. With over 3,000 directories and many more to be added, we didn’t want to make it so that someone could quickly create 3,000 spam listings.

Third, we have made it easy to contact us and submit listings in bulk, assuming you want to submit at least 10 listings (otherwise we’ll let you take care of it yourself). Just email us at the email address above, we’ll send you a spreadsheet to fill out, and then we’ll create accounts and listings on all the directories you want for free. Then you can go and customize each one if need be.

  • Sharon Dequer

    Is it possible to have a listing in every state?