1. Could Google Changes to Rankings of Keyword-Rich Domains Negatively Affect DeclareMedia?

    You may never have heard of Matt Cutts, a Google employee, unless you’re in the SEO industry, and then Matt needs no introduction. For those not in the SEO space, Matt Cutts is the guy at Google who gets rid … Continue reading

  2. Can I submit in bulk to many directories at once?

    Q: Can I submit in bulk to many directories at once? A: Yes* – Send an email to info@declaremedia.com for details. *If you’ve wondered why you have to set up a separate account for every directory, rather than being able … Continue reading

  3. How can your directories be free? How do you make money?

    You can get listed on any of our directories for free, but yes, we do have a paid option, which is how we make money. The free option gives you a full page where you can list your contact information, … Continue reading

  4. How much traffic are these directories getting?

    I guess if we’re going to say that one of the prime reasons to get a listing on one our directories is the traffic that you’ll get as a result, then you might be interested in how much traffic is … Continue reading

  5. How can I get the most out of my directory listing?

    When creating a listing on one of our directories, there are two things to be focused on; 1) search engine optimization (SEO), and 2) traffic (i.e. clicks through to your website, people calling your phone number listed on our directory, … Continue reading

  6. What is SEO?

    SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization”, but of course merely knowing that doesn’t help you much. Simply put, you know how when you do a search on Google you get a search results page with 10 results on … Continue reading

  7. Can I list my company in more than one directory?

    Q: Can I list my company in more than one directory? A: Absolutely! Not only can you, but you should. Each directory is optimized for a different keyword. If you list your business on one directory, then your website is … Continue reading

  8. How do you ensure the quality of your directories?

    There’s nothing that will kill the quality of one of our directories faster than having it get full of listings that link to porn, viagra, Nigerian bank account schemes, MediaMatters.org, etc. In order to filter out spam submissions to our … Continue reading

  9. Are links from DeclareMedia directories of low or high quality?

    Well, of course we’re going to say they’re of high quality, but don’t take our word for it. Rand Fishkin, of SEOmoz, is one of the world’s leading SEO gurus. He posted in 2007 on exactly the topic of what … Continue reading

  10. Do your directories run afoul of Google’s “link scheme” guidelines?

    Q: Google provides “webmaster guidelines” regarding “link schemes”. Are your directories a “link scheme”? If I list my company website on your directory might it actually hurt my search engine rankings rather than hurt them? A: Here what Google has … Continue reading