Yes, you can add a listing to a directory where you do not have a physical presence.

As of right now, this very moment, you can now add a listing to a directory where you do not have a physical presence. The usefulness of this may not immediately strike you if you’re not in the type of business to whom geographical boundaries are no boundary at all. But if you’re in an industry like web hosting, then you’ll see just how useful it is. After all, if you run a web hosting business in Utah, you don’t just want to market to customers in Utah, because it doesn’t really matter where your customers are located. For you, it makes sense to get a listing on every web hosting directory we’ve got.

However, if you were to create a listing on our New York web hosting directory with your Utah address, then prior to tonight it would have shown your city in the listing by city area, which would have created a big mess. Now, if you’re out of state, your city won’t show up, but a link to your profile will still show up in “the complete list” area, and you can still purchase a featured listing.

Note: It’s probably unintentional, but if you have a business in San Diego, don’t put in “San Diego” as your city and “Utah” as the state on a Utah-focused directory. Doing so will probably result in your listing being deleted without notice.

  • Joshua

    Just a reminder, if you are going to create a listing on a directory that targets a geographical area where you do not have a physical presence, do NOT put in a fake address. Anytime we see an address that’s obviously fake, we delete the entire listing, and sometimes we delete the listing and block that email address from signing up again.

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