1. Spam Reporting On All Directories

    One of the bane’s of existence of anyone who runs a directory is quality control…well, except for those directories that don’t care about quality, but we certainly do. There are various technological ways to filter out spam submissions, and we’ve … Continue reading

  2. Canadian Directories Coming Soon

    So far we’ve focused exclusively on creating directories for the United States, but it didn’t take long for someone in Canada to complain they were being left out. Ok, it wasn’t a complaint, it was a suggestion that we add … Continue reading

  3. See the New Directory Categories

    We just updated the complete list of directories and there are almost twice as many categories. Many of them just have one directory, because we just launched a lot of national directories and have yet to launch state or metro … Continue reading

  4. DeclareMedia Quick Stats, 1.3 Months In

    For many of you, the question has been “So how is this directory project of yours going?” Here are some quick stats: Total directories: 2,325 First directory launched: 3 August, 2010 Directories created during August, 2010: 1,332 Directories created through … Continue reading

  5. New Feedback Form

    We’ve added a feedback form to all our directories to make it easier to contact us. If you have a question, comment, complaint, or suggestion, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the “feedback” link, … Continue reading

  6. 2,000+ Directories

    With the addition of 50 plumber directories, DeclareMedia has surpassed a total of 2,000 online web directories (the total is actually 2,014). We plan on launching as many as 100,000 directories in the coming years. I’ll probably be happy if … Continue reading

  7. 1500 Directories and Counting

    With the launch of today’s directories in the categories of home security companies, assisted living facilities, and staffing agencies for all 50 states and many major metro areas across the country, our total number of directories has been brought to … Continue reading

  8. 207 new domain names.

    I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to domain names. I love figuring out what to buy and buying them. I don’t love paying the bill, per se, but even with that it’s still fun. Just … Continue reading

  9. The Complete List by Category

    If you didn’t see it before, then you missed out. The Complete List was well over 700 directories long, and made for quite the long page to scroll through. We’ve now organized all the directories on the complete list into … Continue reading

  10. In case you didn’t notice, they’re free.

    Not as in “free as a bird”, but as in you pay nothing, nothing down, no payments until forever, no interest, free or your money back, nada, zip, zilch, gratis, liberated…wait, not that last one. But yes, we think there … Continue reading