New Business Directories by State

Part of the value you get from a listing on one of our directories is from SEO. That is, our directories are designed to boost your website’s rankings in the search engines. The other part of the value is that we drive traffic to your website, calls to your phone, and messages to your email inbox from potential customers. We’re always looking for new ways to drive more traffic and create more SEO value for you, and we just started rolling out the latest.

We’ve started launching “directories of directories” for each state. The first is a directory of business directories in Alabama. That is, a directory of DeclareMedia-owned directories in Alabama.

There are several thousand searches on Google each month for “Alabama business directory” and related terms, and this new website is designed to pick up a bunch of that traffic, and then direct it to the appropriate DeclareMedia directories for Alabama. What’s this mean for you? More traffic, more SEO value, and more customers for your business. Look for similar directories of directories to be rolled out for all the other states soon.

  • Joshua

    And by the way, the site already ranks #25 on Google for “alabama business directories”. Not bad, considering I bought the domain less than a week ago, got the first iteration of the site up three days ago, and the site so far consists of only three pages, including the homepage, and up until a few minutes ago the “about” page still contained the default WordPress content.

  • Honus Wagner

    I like. Looks great. You’re the man!