Banner advertising on DeclareMedia directories now available.

That’s right, you can now put a banner ad on any one or all of the DeclareMedia directories. Ads are 125×125 and show up on the right side, out of the way where they won’t clutter things up…much. Check out for an example.

Why should you buy an ad?

1. They’re cheap. This is all new, so we’re giving out super deals on advertising. Contact us for more details.

2. They show up everywhere. They’ll show up on the homepage, on the city pages, on your competitors’ pages…

3. They work. Actually, I don’t know that yet, because we just launched the first ads today. But I’m pretty sure they’ll be worth the price.

  • Richard Getz

    What is the price for a 30 Day banner? And can I change this banner out? Looking to post one week for Furniture Barn, the rest for and possibly my photography site?

    Can you show me an example of where this would place?



  • Joshua

    I’ll contact you via email about pricing, but for the time being because the system is manually operated there is a one-month minimum for each ad.

    As for an example, just look at any directory. Every single one has a few ads now.