2,000+ Local Business Listings

Yesterday DeclareMedia surpassed 2,000 listings on our local business directories (we’re at 2010 as of this very moment). The number of new listings each day as definitely been picking up. We used to see 5-10 signups per day, now we’re seeing 10-20 new directory listings each day, and that’s after deleting the spammy submissions (yes, all our directories are human-reviewed).

Of course we’re not going to complain about 10-20 new listings each day, but what we’d really like to see is about 100 new listings per day. We’ve had a lot of new signups with the affiliate program, so hopefully that will jumpstart things a bit. We also have some partnerships in the works that should start producing within the next 1-2 months. If you’ve got any bright ideas, contact us and let us know. If it’s a good idea we haven’t thought of, we might just throw a free featured listing your way.