1. 3,500 Directories

    With the addition of categories for chiropractors, auto repair, roofing contractors, flooring companies, and handyman services we’ve now hit 3,500 directories–yes, exactly 3,500, which is a total coincidence, but a nice round number. What does this mean? It means there … Continue reading

  2. 150 Local Business Directory Categories and Growing

    As of last night, with the addition of our auto insurance and general insurance company directories, we now have over 150 categories of local business directories listed here at We’ve got a few more we’ll be adding today as … Continue reading

  3. 2,000+ Local Business Listings

    Yesterday DeclareMedia surpassed 2,000 listings on our local business directories (we’re at 2010 as of this very moment). The number of new listings each day as definitely been picking up. We used to see 5-10 signups per day, now we’re … Continue reading

  4. Sign Up for the DeclareMedia Monthly Email Newsletter

    We’ll be launching a once-monthly email newsletter very soon. If you’d like to subscribe to receive it, click on get email updates at the top of the website. The monthly newsletter will include links to the latest blog posts, … Continue reading

  5. 3,014 Local Online Business Directories Now Live

    With the addition of a slew of directories for Internet marketing firms, we’ve now officially surpassed the 3,000 directory mark (now I don’t have to feel guilty about saying we’ve got 3,000 directories when in reality we only had 2,946). … Continue reading

  6. DeclareMedia Tops 1,000 Active Listings

    We’re proud to announce that over the weekend we surpassed 1,000 active listings on our local business directories. Having just launched our first directory on August 3rd, four months ago, we’ve been quite pleased with the response, although we have … Continue reading

  7. New Business Directories by State

    Part of the value you get from a listing on one of our directories is from SEO. That is, our directories are designed to boost your website’s rankings in the search engines. The other part of the value is that … Continue reading

  8. Yes, you can add a listing to a directory where you do not have a physical presence.

    As of right now, this very moment, you can now add a listing to a directory where you do not have a physical presence. The usefulness of this may not immediately strike you if you’re not in the type of … Continue reading

  9. Banner advertising on DeclareMedia directories now available.

    That’s right, you can now put a banner ad on any one or all of the DeclareMedia directories. Ads are 125×125 and show up on the right side, out of the way where they won’t clutter things up…much. Check out … Continue reading

  10. Number of Directories Ranking in the Top 10

    Just a few days ago I posted the list of our directories that have a #1 ranking in Google for the keywords they target. That list is steadily growing, and I’m not sure I can keep up with it. The … Continue reading