Tips for getting the most out of our affiliate program.

Our affiliate program allows you to make $10 to $25 per month, per featured listing you refer to us. Let’s have some fun with math.

1 featured listing = $10/month
10 featured listings = $100/month
100 featured listings = $1,000/month
1,000 featured listings = $10,000/month.

Perhaps you’re saying “Yeah, but what are the chances I’m going to sign up 1,000 people for featured listings?” To be honest, unless you’re into affiliate marketing or are a trusted and highly visible expert in a certain field, the chances aren’t very high. You’re more likely to end up making somewhere between $50-$200 per month. But regardless of whether you’re planning on making big bucks or just a little extra spending cash, here are some tips to help you get the most out of it.

1. Get familiar with all our local business directories. We have well over 100 categories, and we’re always adding more. If you’re familiar with the categories, your brain is more likely to be triggered when you meet someone who has a business that fits into one of the categories. If you think we should add a category, let us know.

2. Understand how our local business directories help the businesses that get a featured listing. It’s a pretty simple pitch. Our directories do two things; 1) they boost the search engine rankings of those who get a listing, and 2) they drive traffic. For example, if you’re talking to a dentist, then you might say “Hey, when someone needed a dentist 20 years ago they asked a friend or looked in the phone book. They still ask friends today, but they aren’t using phone books very much, they’re going online. I know this company that helps dentists get more customers online. It costs $20 per month, and while you may not get a flood of customers from it, even if you just get one or two new customers per month, isn’t that worth $20?”

3. Try the shotgun approach. Send out an email with your affiliate link to everyone you know. Ask them to spread the word by forwarding the email. Tell them you’re hard up for cash, and this is a way you can make some money while those who sign up will be helping grow their businesses. Post your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, billboards, your website, your blog, your Christmas letter, help the poor by hiring a homeless man to stand with a sign on a street corner, put a sign on the back of your mini-van, put a sign on the back of your mom’s mini-van, etc. Get that affiliate URL in front of as many people as possible.

4. Try the targeted approach, that is, the opposite of the shotgun approach. Look through your contact list at the people you know. Identify those people who own or have some sway at businesses that are targeted by our directories. Send those people a personal, individualized email. Perhaps you send the same email over and over and just change the name and some other details to get more emails sent out faster. Whatever the case, target individuals, rather than groups. This is more likely to lead to success than the shotgun approach, although it obviously takes more time and work.

5. Come up with your own idea. These are just some basic tips. The best ideas won’t come from us, they’ll be the ideas our affiliates like you come up with on your own. That’s why we have an affiliate program–to harness the creativity of hundreds of people beyond ourselves. If you win, we win, and we want to work with you to make you money. If you’ve got another idea, post it in the comments below. If it’s good enough, we might just get you a nice Christmas present next year.