How reliable is the referral tracking for our affiliate program?

If you’re an affiliate marketer and have signed up for our affiliate program, then you want to know that if you refer someone you’re going to get credit if they sign up as a paying customer. The bottom line is that if a person you refer using your unique affiliate URL creates an account (even if it’s just a free account) within 30 days of clicking on your link then you’ll get credit. Now, if you want the more technical details, here they are:

When you sign up as an affiliate, you get a code you can attach to the URL of any of our local business directories, or any URL on the website. Then the following happens:

1. When a visitor arrives at one of our directories or with a valid affiliate code in the URL, the IP address of that visitor gets recorded in our database as being tied to that affiliate code–permanently.

2. If that visitor creates a new account, on any of our directories, we check their IP address with our database of IP addresses. If we find that the visitor visited one of our sites in the past 30 days, with an affiliate link, that affiliate is permanently assigned to the new account. At any point in the future (aka “forever”) when a featured listing is created or renewed under that account, the affiliate on record for the account is paid.

In cases where two affiliates refer the same person and that person clicks first on one affiliate’s link and later on the other’s, we give the first affiliate credit for 30 days. If the person being referred comes back (not through an affiliate link but on their own) and creates an account 31 days after clicking on the first affiliate’s link, but only 15 days after clicking on the second affiliate’s link, then the 2nd affiliate would get the credit. If the person being referred comes back on their own (not through an affiliate link) to a DeclareMedia directory 30+ days after clicking on any affiliate link and sets up an account, then nobody gets credit.

However, when the person referred creates an account, the affiliate who gets credit gets commissions from any paid listing under that account forever.

Any questions?