Directories Ranking in the Top 10

If you’re a participant in the DeclareMedia affiliate program, you might be interested to know which of our directories are ranking well, since it’s easier to sign someone up if you’re showing them a directory that ranks in the top 10, or even better if it ranks #1 for the keyword it targets.

As of this post, there are 475 directories that rank in the top 10 on Google. But this list is dynamic, so that number will fluctuate (30 days ago it was 453).

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  • Art Gardner

    Did not know there were that many and they ranked so high. I own A & L Enterprises in Berryville Arkansas, I am trying to do a little research each day on becoming listed on the internet for my heat and air business.

  • Honda Motorcycles McAlester

    Stumbled on this a few days ago, as the owner of a Honda Motorcycle Shop I’m always looking for ways to promote my store or website. Thanks for the resource.