Want to beta-test the DeclareMedia affiliate program?

If you’re interested in beta-testing the DeclareMedia affiliate program before it goes public send me an email. We have over 3,000 local business directories you can sell featured listings on, with featured listings selling for between $20-50/month. Affiliates get half of whatever they sell for as long as they keep their affiliate account open (and I don’t know why anyone would close it if they’re making money), and as long as those who have a featured listing keep renewing it.

There is no threshold to get paid, and payment happen instantly via Paypal when we get paid. For example, let’s say you know a lot of those door to door sales reps in the pest control industry. You take a look at our list of pest control company directories, and you think “Dang, I know like 100 guys who would drop $50/month in a heartbeat if it meant they’d get 4-5 quality leads per month without having to knock on 100 doors to get them.” So you send out an email to your 100 buddies with your affiliate link, explaining to them why they should sign up for a featured listing on the directory that targets the area they’re working in. Half of them sign up, each paying $50/month. Now you’re making $1,250 per month for having sent out a single email.

Maybe it’s not pest control that’s your thing. Maybe you have tons of contacts in the SEO industry, or web design, or you know a ton of lawyers, or dentists. Maybe you don’t know a ton of anybody, but you think you might be able to get 10 people signed up if you contact each of them individually and then you could be making $200/month and you’d be happy with that.

We’ll be taking on 10-20 people to beta test the system. We’re looking for any feedback you have, so that we can polish it up for general release.

So again, if you’re interested, shoot me an email.