#1 Ranking Directories

Out of the nearly 4,000 directories we’ve launched since August, 2010, you might be curious as to which directories are ranking well. Well, we’ve got your answer below, at least as far as #1 rankings are concerned. Each of the directories below ranks in the #1 spot on Google for the keyword they track. They may also rank #1 for other keywords, but at the moment we only track one keyword per directory. I mean we’ve got 4,000 of these, so give me a break.

What keyword are they ranking #1 for? 99% of the time, it’s for the title of the website, or in other words, the orange link below. For example, if you look at the line “Alabama SEO Companies – A Directory of SEO Companies in Alabama.” then the keyword that directory is ranking #1 for is “Alabama SEO Companies” without the quotes. Whatdoyouknow, it ranks #1 for “alabama seo company” too.

The rankings may not be 100% accurate to what you see on your computer given regional differences in rankings, whether or not you’re logged into a Google account, and the fact that we only check these rankings once every few days.

This data should be quite helpful if you’re part of our DeclareMedia affiliate program, since you can target your market according to which directories are ranking best.

  • Dennis

    I’m thinking that possibly the reason your ranking high on most of these, is because the category is unique and the geographic is remote for the selected category….

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    To Dennis, guess what search is going local, in the past the way to find things locally was in the local yellow pages but that industry has seen major declines in the past few years because of the internet and especially the use of smart phones and tablets. So its now important to rank for specific areas of business and specific geographies.

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