Affiliate Program

We’re currently working on launching an affiliate program so that those of you who are SEO professionals, marketing types, and consultants can get a little kickback for referring people to our directories. Stay tuned for more announcements as we get it up and running.

  1. Directories Ranking in the Top 10

    If you’re a participant in the DeclareMedia affiliate program, you might be interested to know which of our directories are ranking well, since it’s easier to sign someone up if you’re showing them a directory that ranks in the top … Continue reading

  2. #1 Ranking Directories

    Out of the nearly 4,000 directories we’ve launched since August, 2010, you might be curious as to which directories are ranking well. Well, we’ve got your answer below, at least as far as #1 rankings are concerned. Each of the … Continue reading

  3. 4 Simple Steps to a Few Hundred Bucks a Month

    Want to make $5,000,000 dollars a month working 1 hour a day from home in your pajamas? Then figure out a way to invade Warren Buffet’s mind and have him write checks to you. If you want to make a … Continue reading

  4. Soft Launch of DeclareMedia Affiliate Program There it is folks, the result of many long nights, lots of tears, and hours of hard work. I’m proud to announce the public launch of DeclareMedia’s affiliate program. Anyone, even you, can now sign up as a DeclareMedia … Continue reading

  5. How reliable is the referral tracking for our affiliate program?

    If you’re an affiliate marketer and have signed up for our affiliate program, then you want to know that if you refer someone you’re going to get credit if they sign up as a paying customer. The bottom line is … Continue reading

  6. Tips for getting the most out of our affiliate program.

    Our affiliate program allows you to make $10 to $25 per month, per featured listing you refer to us. Let’s have some fun with math. 1 featured listing = $10/month 10 featured listings = $100/month 100 featured listings = $1,000/month … Continue reading

  7. Want to beta-test the DeclareMedia affiliate program?

    If you’re interested in beta-testing the DeclareMedia affiliate program before it goes public send me an email. We have over 3,000 local business directories you can sell featured listings on, with featured listings selling for between $20-50/month. Affiliates get half … Continue reading

  8. Coming Soon – DeclareMedia Affiliate Program

    Yeah, yeah, we’re working on it. We will soon be launching DeclareMedia’s affiliate program for all you SEO, marketing, and consultant types–not to mention die-hard affiliate marketers, who may be in a position to recommend featured listings on DeclareMedia’s directories … Continue reading