DeclareMedia is a subsidiary of MWI, Inc.

What We Do
DeclareMedia manages thousands of online local business directories. If you own a self-storage facility in Akron, Ohio, we’ve got a directory for that. If you’ve got a web design firm in Dallas, Texas, we’ve got a directory for that, too. If you’re a financial planner we’ve got around 70 financial planner directories for you to choose from, depending on where you’re located. We’ve got directories for realtors, restaurants, drug rehab clinics, wedding photographers, assisted living facilities, bed and breakfasts–you name it. And if you don’t see a directory that fits what you do, you can suggest we add it and we’ll probably have it up within a matter of days.

But why should you list your business in our directories? Two reasons. First, you’ll get more traffic to your website, and more traffic means more leads, more sales, more revenue, more profits. Second, you’ll get certain SEO benefits, that is, by being listed on one or more of our directories you’ll see your own website’s rankings in the search engines improve.

Getting listed in one of our directories is easy. Just find the right directory for you, click “Get Listed For Free” in the upper right corner, fill out the form, and you’re pretty much done. It can take as little as a minute or two.

Our History
DeclareMedia started on a cold evening in Provo, Utah in late 1999. I was newly married, working for MyComputer.com (now Omniture, recently purchased by Adobe for $1.8B–no, I didn’t have any stock options thank you very much), and dependent on laundromats for washing my clothes since our spartan studio apartment did not have a washer or dryer. On this particular night at sometime around 12 am, I was driving around Provo, trying to find an open laundromat to wash a shirt I absolutely needed to be clean the next morning. After an hour, I returned home and started calling laundromats from the phone book. I got busy signals, endless ringing, and recorded messages, but what I could not find were operating hours for any laundromat that was open at 1 am. I thought to myself “Why isn’t there an online laundromat directory where laundromats can list their address and hours? Would that be so hard?!”

The next day I bought the domain laundromatic.com and decided to learn PHP. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I didn’t like being a programmer, and I quit and hired a co-worker to do it for me. But then he quit. Over the next 10 years I would hire 6-7 programmers, spend $15-20K, and end up with nothing.

Over the years the idea had festered and grown, and I was convinced there was a need for not just a directory of laundromats, but directories for all sorts of niche businesses. And not just national directories, but local directories. Directories that ranked well in the search engines so that they would be easy to find, and so that those who created listings on those directories would get some SEO value from being listed.

There are a lot of different web directories out there, but I wanted mine to be different. I wanted a super simple signup process. I wanted to provide some real value for free. I didn’t want people to sign up and be surprised by some “catch” or annoyed by in-your-face advertising. I just wanted simple, clean directories that “owned” their niche in the search engines.

Finally, in 2009, I found the right programmer, although the work didn’t start until mid-2010. Now, in August 2010, the first directories are launching, and they’re doing well. I hope amongst all those we have, you find one that helps your business. If you don’t see what you want, shoot me an email and we’ll add a directory to help you boost your rankings for the keywords that describe whatever it is you do.

Why is it called DeclareMedia? I bought the domain for something else about 10 years ago, but that idea never panned out (ConstantContact implemented it a few years after I thought of it, shucks), and so it’s been hanging around. It seemed to fit well enough with this directory project.

– Joshua Steimle, DeclareMedia

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